HHR Awards – Results

So the Hereford Hospital Radio 2016 Awards closed a couple of days ago, and we would like thank everyone who voted for their favourite in the three categories of: Best 2015 Moment, Favourite Live Event and Listener’s Favourite Show.

The winners were revealed at our annual AGM on Sunday February 21, a further thanks to all who attended. The winners are……

Favourite Live Event – HHR at Belmont Fun Day

Best Moment of 2015 – The end of Pete and Ian’s 24 Hour Broadcast

Listener’s Favourite Show – Ian Bailey

2015 best moment 2015 fav live event 2015 Fav show

Hereford Hospital Radio Awards 2016

The Hereford Hospital Radio Awards 2016 are here!

Celebrating the last 12 months of entertaining for the County Hospital and our listeners online, we have three categories available for YOU to vote in over the coming month.

The categories are: Listener’s Favourite Show, Best Moment of 2015, and Favourite Live Event.

Voting is open NOW and close at 23:30 on February 19, with the winners to be announced at the HHR AGM on Sunday February 21.

Listener’s Favourite Show – http://www.poll-maker.com/poll547025x33dA46b4-23
Best Moment of 2015 – http://www.poll-maker.com/poll547033x93047e7d-23
Best Live Event – http://www.poll-maker.com/poll547039xE8b24Dcd-23

Links are also available on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Get voting!

Thanks coffee!

£95.22 was raised thanks to the excellent coffee morning, here’s our thanks below.

1 2

Get your very own show on HHR. Read on!

11059901_886882038055101_7781288156233546221_oHere at Hereford Hospital Radio, we have most evenings during the week covered, as well as a number of shows throughout daytime.

Mondays are finished with Pete Trigg, and Ian Bailey on Tuesdays, while the likes of Oscar La-Gambina, Andy Williams and Seb Pontin keep you entertained throughout the rest of the week’s nights, and Peter Orme and Phyllis Taylor providing daytime coverage for you.

We now have more presenting opportunities available, whether you  want to a 7-9 breakfast show early on Tuesday mornings, a 2-4 afternoon show on Fridays or a 7-9 week closer on Sunday evenings.  You can do whatever you like, plan whatever you like, and play  whatever you like.

The one thing you need? The desire to do the best show possible and keep everyone happy!

If you have a few hours to spare in the late morning, midday or early afternoon on weekdays or weekends, or know someone who does, and you would like to present your own radio show, then let us know!

You will have full control of the professional system once we train you up with the help of our expert training staff, and you will have free reign over your music choices and show features.

A themed show is possible, for example themed music, from jazz to disco, or themed show content, such as TV and Film reviews or a radio gameshow, or anything else that takes your fancy.

We have a very large and varied collection of music on our computer system that ranges from the 1960s to the present day and is updated regularly, while you can use YouTube or connect your phone or laptop and play any songs you have downloaded that aren’t on the system.

We are always on the look out11204899_10203271566224905_4886112175201752018_n for new volunteers to join the station, and with our former  members going on to be newspaper editors and presenters on BBC Radio Hereford &  Worcester and appear on the Greg James show on BBC Radio 1, this is a great opportunity!

Even if presenting isn’t your thing, we have plenty of opportunities available in our  backroom staff, and everyone can take part in the outside broadcasts we put on at places  such as the annual Ledbury Carnival.

We have a hard-working and friendly group of people who all give up their time for free to help our patients recover in Hereford’s County Hospital, and there is no better feeling than receiving feedback from someone in the ward thanking you for playing their request and saying it has aided them in their recovery.

Also, if you want to pursue a career in the media, Hospital Radio is the ideal place to start, with the likes of Scott Mills, Chris Moyles and Greg James all beginning their careers at hospital radio stations.

Everyone’s work and effort never goes unnoticed, so what are you waiting for? Join our team today!

If you’re interested, then please e-mail info@hhr.org.uk for more information or follow the instructions on our Join Us page, or call us on 01432 233 033.


HHR at Ledbury Carnival 2015

Hereford Hospital Radio were once again at the Ledbury Carnival this year on August Bank Holiday.

We braved the weather and presented the various acts, (belly dancers to name but a few), and a raffle where someone won the prize of £150 and another won a Mary Berry Apron!

Despite the ever-changing rain and cloud, we still had fun and hope you did too! Check out the HHR @HerefordHRadio Twitter to find out more about the day’s activities.

A thank you goes to the HHR members who turned up, too, namely Chris, Peter, Sarah, Roger, Phyllis, Andy and Oscar.

Here’s to next year!

Former HHR member interview by Matt Healey

Former Hereford Hospital Radio member Jennifer Dunkerley is now the lifestyle editor of the Daily Star.

First things first, congratulations to her on her success!

Sunshine Radio’s Matt Healey interviewed her about her career and how she got to where she is today.

Check it out here.

Pete and Ian complete 24 hour broadcast

Congratulations to both Pete Trigg and Ian Bailey for their work over the past 24 hours, putting on a massive show!

Thank you to everyone who visited; namely fellow HHR members Chris, Lynda, Phyllis, Mike, Seb, and Andy, community artist Jeanette McCulloch and Matt Healey from Sunshine Radio, as well as anyone else who I may have forgotten to mention, apologies if so!

Check out the interview with Matt Healey here.

A further thank you to everyone who donated. We raised a total of around £600! It is an incredible figure to have raised and every penny will go to keeping our station on air and helping patients get better. We cannot thank you enough for your support over the past 24 hours.

Well done also to our winners of the 48-hour-long hospedia vouchers, we hope you have fun with them.

Tweet us on @HerefordHRadio if you have anything to say about the show.

Once again, a huge, huge well done to Pete and Ian for the past 24 hours. They’re are off for a well-deserved lie down!

The final moments of the broadcast are available to view here.

midnight selfie

Hospedia voucher winner 3


Hospedia voucher winner 1Hospedia voucher winner 2

6am selfie

Hereford Hospital Radio at Wyevale, Wellington

On July 19, The Hereford Hospital Radio team had a great day out at Wyevale Garden Centre at Wellington.

Everyone helped set everything up; we had Ian Bailey controlling the decks, Andy Williams presenting and announcing the prizes and the rest of the team were selling all the tickets.

We had a really fun day out and managed to raise a magnificent total of £127.

Once again thanks to all the HHR team Who came and helped out, and to all the people who donated.

We hope you had a great time!



Hereford Hospital Radio at Trinity’s 50th

Hereford Hospital Radio live at Trinity Fete (50 Anniversary).

On Saturday June 27 2015, the Hereford Hospital Radio team visited the Trinity School Fete and were live from their 50th anniversary.

Peter Orme opened the fete at 1:00 pm where we had loads of people coming along, Ben Coleman operating the DJ decks, along with Andy Williams and Seb Pontin who also helped out.

Thank you to everyone from the station who came down to give us a hand, as well as to all the visitors who came along and also to Trinity themselves who allowed us to visit.

We hope that everyone had a good time!

Hereford Hospital Radio having fun in Belmont

On Saturday June 20 2015, the Hereford Hospital Radio team presented live at the Belmont Fun Day in Northolme.

We were all in a caravan and set everything up for 2:00 pm where Chris Hughes And Ian Bailey opened the fete and we had the team running the shop and Pete Trigg on the decks.

We had over 100 visitors during the day, so thank you to everyone who was able to come down to the event and help out, and also thank you to everyone who donated to us.

We hope you had as great a time as we did!

Belmont Fun Day 1 Belmont Fun Day 2 Belmont Fun Day 3

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