HHR Celebrates 40 Years on the air

To celebrate our 40th birthday, Hereford Hospital Radio had a 40 hour long broadcast, launched with our friends at BBC Hereford & Worcester who were also live at the Worcester Victoria Fayre from 6pm on Friday 30th November 2012 and continued right through to 10am on Sunday 2nd December.

During the 40 hours on air we had live music from Jenny Hallam, special guest visitors, a live interview with John Myers, former members including Dave Heggie, who is the man responsible for starting HHR, and members of the public that came along to see how HHR helps the patients of the County Hospital in Hereford get better by entertaining them and being a friend at their bedside.

A big thank you must also go to everyone who sponsored our members, some of whom were on air for most of the broadcast.

Listen to some of the best bits;

CMH Interview John Myers Chris Hughes interviews John Myers

John Myers is a British radio executive, consultant and presenter. Myers developed the Century Radio brand for Border Radio Holdings in the early 1990s, launching two more stations later in the decade and featuring in the BBC documentary “Trouble at the Top”.

He presented programmes under the pseudonym ‘John Morgan’. He then became Chief Executive of GMG Radio, developing the Real Radio, Smooth Radio and Rock Radio brands and overseeing GMG Radio’s acquisition of the Century network from GCap Media.

In 2009, he was asked by the Labour Government to produce a report on the future of local radio in the UK (“The Myers Report”) which was published by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport in April 2009. A number of his recommendations were taken up by the Digital Economy Act 2010, leading to, amongst others, mergers within the Heart and Smooth Radio networks.

So far in 2011, Myers has reviewed efficiencies at BBC Radio 1, Radio 2, 1Xtra and 6Music. In April, he assumed his role as Chief Executive Officer of the Radio Academy. He’s also the Chairman of hospital station Radio Tyneside and makes occasional appearances on the Sky Newspaper review. His most recent report for BBC Management was on the operation of BBC Local Radio, published in February 2012.

PO CMH Interview Dave HeggieChris Hughes and Peter Orme interview Dave Heggie

We have Dave Heggie to thank for starting Hereford Hospital Radio. While a patient at the hospital during the early 1970s and seeing the old tube headphones on the wall but nothing coming out of them he decided to push to get Hereford’s own hospital radio station.

Tim Tomlinson Interview WEBBob King interviews Tim Tomlinson

Tim is the Director of Service Delivery for Wye Valley NHS Trust and is responsible for the smooth running of the hospital building and staff.