Hospedia – An overview for the County Hospital

Hospedia overview for the County Hospital.

This document briefly describes the process for showing a patient how to use the Hospedia System to listen to Hereford Hospital Radio and how to contact us via this system. It should be noted that the screen is touch sensitive.

Stage 1 – Main Menu

If the Hospedia system is off, press the button at the centre base of the machine. The system should now show this:


If this screen does not appear, it could mean that the system is not registered. If this is the case, pick up the handset and the screen will change, then press the ‘quick dial button’ for Customer Care. This is the screen should be shown:


You can, on behalf of a patient, register for them to listen to Hospital Radio.

Once registration is completed, you should be able to see the main menu, which looks like this:


On the screen locate the ‘ Radio’ button, and press it.


Stage 2 – Radio Stations

After pressing this button the following screen will be displayed:


At the base of the screen there are volume and channel buttons, which allow adjustment to them.

Stage 3 – Calling Hereford Hospital Radio

Patients can call us free of charge. In order to do this, simply pick up the handset and the screen will change to this:


Locate the Quick Dial Number pad on the left hand side of the screen.


Now press the blue Hospital Radio button, this will allow them to call us free of charge at the studio.