Wye Valley NHS Trust Press Release 99-2012

Press Release – November 9 2012

Hospital radio in Hereford clocks up 40 years of broadcasting.

It was during a hospital stay in 1972 that a young 20-year-old, Dave Heggie, asked questions of
the then hospital administration why the tubes on his bed side didn’t have any music playing.

It seems that the hospital had paid for the investment in the wards but they didn’t have any

Therefore, a young Dave approached the local Lions club and Roy Romerill at the Herefordshire
County Youth Service, and Hospital Radio started.

Over the last 40 years, Hospital Radio in Hereford has continued to grow. It has an active
membership and works with many organisations throughout the county helping it raise money to
stay on air, and entertain patients at the County Hospital.

For the last three years, thanks to help of the Lions Club, it broadcasts its output on the internet
and patients who are awaiting surgery can continue to listen in, via their internet radio, smartphone
or computer.

Over the weekend of the December 1 2012 the volunteers celebrated their 40 years by holding a
non-stop 40 hour long broadcast.

For more details call Hereford 233033 or drop us an email to info@hhr.org.uk, or via the web
site www.hhr.org.uk