HHR join us

Before you complete our online form please ensure that you have the following:

1) The name and email address of two people who can supply you with a reference.

2) A passport style photograph that we can use to identify you and help to produce your pass for accessing the studios.


1. Find a plain white wall, door, or hang a sheet to use as a background. We can remove backgrounds if you have straight hair. Otherwise, we require your photo to have a plain white or off-white background.

2. Face the camera. Do not turn your head to either side or tilt your head up or down. Keep your eyes open. Put your arms to your sides and keep your body facing forward. Have a natural facial expression. Normal, unexaggerated smiles are fine, but unusual facial expressions and squinting are not acceptable. Make sure your hair is not covering any part of your eyes.

3. Use the flash – we can remove background shadows if they occur. Set your camera to the highest picture quality setting. Take the picture with plenty of room above and below the head. Make sure both shoulders are in the picture. Be sure the face is in focus.

Correct and incorrect passport photos

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